Gateway MQTT Transport Callbacks


void emberAfPluginTransportMqttStateChangedCallback (EmberAfPluginTransportMqttState state)
MQTT client state is changed.
bool emberAfPluginTransportMqttMessageArrivedCallback (const char *topic, const char *payload)
MQTT message arrived.

Detailed Description

These callbacks are contributed by the Gateway MQTT Transport plugin.

Function Documentation

bool emberAfPluginTransportMqttMessageArrivedCallback ( const char * topic,
const char * payload

This function is called when the MQTT client for the gateway receives an incoming message on a topic. If the message is processed by the application, return true. If the message is not processed, return false. This function is called on a separate thread, so no stack calls should be made within the implementation of this function. Instead, use a global variable in that function to communicate the message arrival to a stack event or timer running from the main loop.

topic A string containing the topic for the message that arrived. While the underlying MQTT libraries allow NULL characters in a topic, NULL characters are not supported in this implementation so the topic parameter can be assumed to be NULL terminated.
payload A string containing the payload for the message that arrived.
void emberAfPluginTransportMqttStateChangedCallback ( EmberAfPluginTransportMqttState state )

This function is called when the state of the MQTT client changes.

state Contains the new and current EmberAfPluginTransportMqttState state.