Definition and description of public flash manipulation routines.


bool halFlashEraseIsActive (void)
 Tells the calling code if a Flash Erase operation is active.
During an erase or a write the flash is not available, which means code will not be executable from flash. These routines still execute from flash, though, since the bus architecture can support doing so. Additonally, this also means all interrupts will be disabled.

Hardware documentation indicates 40us for a write and 21ms for an erase.

See flash.h for source code.

Function Documentation

bool halFlashEraseIsActive ( void  )

This state is import to know because Flash Erasing is ATOMIC for 21ms and could disrupt interrupt latency. But if an ISR can know that it wasn't serviced immediately due to Flash Erasing, then the ISR has the opportunity to correct in whatever manner it needs to.

A bool flag: true if Flash Erase is active, false otherwise.