void emberZclIdentifyServerStartIdentifyingCallback (EmberZclEndpointId_t endpointId, uint16_t identifyTimeS)
 Start Identifying.
void emberZclIdentifyServerStopIdentifyingCallback (EmberZclEndpointId_t endpointId)
 Stop Identifying.

Detailed Description

These callbacks are contributed by the Identify Server plugin.

Function Documentation

void emberZclIdentifyServerStartIdentifyingCallback ( EmberZclEndpointId_t  endpointId,
uint16_t  identifyTimeS 

This function is called when the device should start identifying. The device should continue to identify until emberZclIdentifyServerStopIdentifyingCallback is called.

void emberZclIdentifyServerStopIdentifyingCallback ( EmberZclEndpointId_t  endpointId)

This function is called when the device should stop identifying.