Definition of the standalone bootloader interface.


 Define a numerical value for NO BOOTLOADER mode. In other words, the bootloader should not be run.
 Define a numerical value for the normal bootloader mode.
 Define a numerical value for the recovery bootloader mode.


uint16_t halGetStandaloneBootloaderVersion (void)
 Detects if the standalone bootloader is installed, and if so returns the installed version.
EmberStatus halLaunchStandaloneBootloader (uint8_t mode)
 Quits the current application and launches the standalone bootloader (if installed). The function returns an error if the standalone bootloader is not present.

Detailed Description

Some functions in this file return an EmberStatus value. See error-def.h for definitions of all EmberStatus return values.

See bootloader-interface-standalone.h for source code.

Macro Definition Documentation


Function Documentation

uint16_t halGetStandaloneBootloaderVersion ( void  )

A returned version of 0x1234 would indicate version 1.2 build 34

BOOTLOADER_INVALID_VERSION if the standalone bootloader is not present, or the version of the installed standalone bootloader.
EmberStatus halLaunchStandaloneBootloader ( uint8_t  mode)
modeControls the mode in which the standalone bootloader will run. See the bootloader Application Note for full details. Options are: Both modes also allow an image transfer to begin via serial xmodem.
An EmberStatus error if the standalone bootloader is not present, or EMBER_SUCCESS.