USB Setup request package.

#include <em_usb.h>

Data Fields

union {
   struct {
      union {
         struct {
            uint8_t   Recipient: 5
            uint8_t   Type: 2
            uint8_t   Direction: 1
         uint8_t   bmRequestType
      uint8_t   bRequest
      uint16_t   wValue
      uint16_t   wIndex
      uint16_t   wLength
   uint32_t   dw [2]

Field Documentation

union { ... }
uint8_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::bmRequestType

Request characteristics.

uint8_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::bRequest

Request code.

uint8_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::Direction

Transfer direction of SETUP data phase.

uint32_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::dw[2]
uint8_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::Recipient

Request recipient (device, interface, endpoint or other).

uint8_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::Type

Request type (standard, class or vendor).

uint16_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::wIndex

Index or offset, varies according to request.

uint16_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::wLength

Number of bytes to transfer if there is a data stage.

uint16_t USB_Setup_TypeDef::wValue

Varies according to request.

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