USB Device stack initialization structure.

#include <em_usb.h>

Data Fields

const USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDefdeviceDescriptor
const uint8_t * configDescriptor
const void *const * stringDescriptors
const uint8_t numberOfStrings
const uint8_t * bufferingMultiplier
USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef_Pointer callbacks
const uint32_t reserved

This structure is passed to USBD_Init() when starting up the device.

Field Documentation

const uint8_t* USBD_Init_TypeDef::bufferingMultiplier

Pointer to an array defining the size of the endpoint buffers. The size is given in multiples of endpoint size. Generally a value of 1 (single) or 2 (double) buffering should be used.

Referenced by USBD_Init().

USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef_Pointer USBD_Init_TypeDef::callbacks

Pointer to struct with callbacks (USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef). These callbacks are used by the device stack to signal events to or query the application.

Referenced by USBD_Init().

const uint8_t* USBD_Init_TypeDef::configDescriptor

Pointer to a configuration descriptor.

Referenced by USBD_Init().

const USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef* USBD_Init_TypeDef::deviceDescriptor

Pointer to a device descriptor.

Referenced by USBD_Init().

const uint8_t USBD_Init_TypeDef::numberOfStrings

Number of strings in string descriptor array.

Referenced by USBD_Init().

const uint32_t USBD_Init_TypeDef::reserved

Reserved for future use.

const void* const* USBD_Init_TypeDef::stringDescriptors

Pointer to an array of string descriptor pointers.

Referenced by USBD_Init().

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