Common bootloader serial definitions.


void serInit (void)
Initialize serial port.
void serPutFlush (void)
Flush the transmiter.
void serPutChar (uint8_t ch)
Transmit a character.
void serPutStr (const char *str)
Transmit a string.
void serPutBuf (const uint8_t buf[], uint8_t size)
Transmit a buffer.
void serPutDecimal (uint16_t val)
Transmit a 16bit value in decimal.
void serPutHex (uint8_t byte)
Transmit a byte as hex.
void serPutHexInt (uint16_t word)
Transmit a 16bit integer as hex.
bool serCharAvailable (void)
Determine if a character is available.
uint8_t serGetChar (uint8_t *ch)
Get a character if available, otherwise return an error.
void serGetFlush (void)
Flush the receiver.

Detailed Description

See bootloader-serial.h for source code.

Function Documentation

bool serCharAvailable ( void )
true if a character is available, false otherwise.
uint8_t serGetChar ( uint8_t * ch )
ch Pointer to a location where the received byte will be placed.
BL_SUCCESS if a character was obtained, BL_ERR otherwise.
void serGetFlush ( void )
void serInit ( void )
void serPutBuf ( const uint8_t buf[],
uint8_t size
buf A buffer.
size Length of buffer.
void serPutChar ( uint8_t ch )
ch A character.
void serPutDecimal ( uint16_t val )
val The data to print.
void serPutFlush ( void )
void serPutHex ( uint8_t byte )
byte A byte.
void serPutHexInt ( uint16_t word )
word A 16bit integer.
void serPutStr ( const char * str )
str A string.