Here is a list of all modules:
BSPBoard Support Package
API for DK's
API for STKs and WSTKs
Common BSP for all kits
Device InitializationDevice Initialization using HAL configuration
Thunderboard Sense BSPBSP for Thunderboard Sense and Thunderboard Sense 2
BAP - Barometric Pressure SensorDriver for the Bosch Sensortec BMP280 pressure sensor
BOARD Module for Thunderboard SenseBoard hardware control, configuraton and miscellaneous functions
Power and Interrupt Controller DefinitionsThunderboard Sense 1 Power and Interrupt Controller register and bitfield definitions
BOARD Module for Thunderboard Sense 2Board hardware control, configuraton and miscellaneous functions
CCS811 - Indoor Air Quality SensorDriver for the Cambridge CMOS Sensors CCS811 gas and indoor air quality sensor
HALL - Hall Effect SensorDriver for Hall effect sensor
Si7210 - Hall Effect SensorDriver for the Silicon Labs Si7210 Hall effect sensor
ICM20648 - 6-axis Motion Sensor DriverDriver for the Invensense ICM20648 6-axis motion sensor
IMU - Inertial Measurement UnitInertial Measurement Unit driver
MIC - Microphone Driver (ADC)Driver for the Knowles SPV1840LR5H-B MEMS Microphone
MIC - Microphone Driver (I2S)Driver for the Invensense ICS-43434 MEMS Microphone
SI1133 - Ambient Light and UV Index SensorDriver for the Silicon Labs Si1133 Ambient Light and UV sensor
SI7021 - Relative Humidity and Temperature SensorDriver for the Silicon Labs Si7021 I2C Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Utility FunctionsUtility functions
DevicesSilicon Laboratories CMSIS-CORE device headers
ACMPEFM32GG11B_ACMP Register Declaration
ACMP Bit Fields
ADCEFM32GG11B_ADC Register Declaration
ADC Bit Fields
Alternate Function
Alternate Function Pins
Alternate Function Ports
CANEFM32GG11B_CAN Register Declaration
CAN Bit Fields
CMUEFM32GG11B_CMU Register Declaration
CMU Bit Fields
CRYPTOEFM32GG11B_CRYPTO Register Declaration
CRYPTO Bit Fields
CSENEFM32GG11B_CSEN Register Declaration
CSEN Bit Fields
DMA Descriptor
DMAREQ Bit Fields
Device Information and Calibration
DEVINFO Bit Fields
EBIEFM32GG11B_EBI Register Declaration
EBI Bit Fields
Bit Fields
WTIMER Bit Fields
Unlock Codes
CoreProcessor and Core Peripheral Section
Peripheral Declarations
Peripheral Memory Map
Peripheral Offsets
Peripheral TypeDefsDevice Specific Peripheral Register Structures
UART Bit Fields
EMUEFM32GG11B_EMU Register Declaration
EMU Bit Fields
ETHEFM32GG11B_ETH Register Declaration
ETH Bit Fields
ETMEFM32GG11B_ETM Register Declaration
ETM Bit Fields
FPUEHEFM32GG11B_FPUEH Register Declaration
FPUEH Bit Fields
GPCRCEFM32GG11B_GPCRC Register Declaration
GPCRC Bit Fields
GPIOEFM32GG11B_GPIO Register Declaration
GPIO Bit Fields
I2CEFM32GG11B_I2C Register Declaration
I2C Bit Fields
IDACEFM32GG11B_IDAC Register Declaration
IDAC Bit Fields
LCDEFM32GG11B_LCD Register Declaration
LCD Bit Fields
LDMAEFM32GG11B_LDMA Register Declaration
LDMA Bit Fields
LESENSEEFM32GG11B_LESENSE Register Declaration
LESENSE Bit Fields
LETIMEREFM32GG11B_LETIMER Register Declaration
LETIMER Bit Fields
LEUARTEFM32GG11B_LEUART Register Declaration
LEUART Bit Fields
MSCEFM32GG11B_MSC Register Declaration
MSC Bit Fields
PCNTEFM32GG11B_PCNT Register Declaration
PCNT Bit Fields
PRSEFM32GG11B_PRS Register Declaration
PRS Bit Fields
PRS SignalsPRS Signal names
QSPIEFM32GG11B_QSPI Register Declaration
QSPI Bit Fields
RMUEFM32GG11B_RMU Register Declaration
RMU Bit Fields
ROM Table, Chip Revision InformationChip Information, Revision numbers
ROM Table Bit Field definitions
RTCEFM32GG11B_RTC Register Declaration
RTC Bit Fields
RTCCEFM32GG11B_RTCC Register Declaration
RTCC Bit Fields
SDIOEFM32GG11B_SDIO Register Declaration
SDIO Bit Fields
SMUEFM32GG11B_SMU Register Declaration
SMU Bit Fields
TIMEREFM32GG11B_TIMER Register Declaration
TIMER Bit Fields
TRNGEFM32GG11B_TRNG Register Declaration
TRNG Bit Fields
USARTEFM32GG11B_USART Register Declaration
USART Bit Fields
USBEFM32GG11B_USB Register Declaration
USB Bit Fields
VDACEFM32GG11B_VDAC Register Declaration
VDAC Bit Fields
WDOGEFM32GG11B_WDOG Register Declaration
WDOG Bit Fields
EMDRVEnergyAware drivers
DMADRVDMADRV Direct Memory Access Driver
EZRADIODRVEZR32 EzRadio Peripheral Interface Driver
API_LayerEzRadio API Layer

COMM_LayerEzRadio Communication Layer

HAL_LayerEzRadio HAL Layer

Plugin_SystemEzRadio Plugin System Layer, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Auto_ACK_PluginAuto acknowledge plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

CRC_Error_PluginCRC error plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Direct_Receive_PluginDirect receive plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Direct_Transmit_PluginDirect transmit plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

PN9_PluginPseudo random transmit plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Plugin_ManagerPlugin manager, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Receive_PluginReceive plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Transmit_PluginTransmit plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Unmod_Carrier_PluginUnmodulated Carrier plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

GPIOINTGPIOINT General Purpose Input/Output Interrupt dispatcher
NVMNVM Non-volatile Memory Wear-Leveling Driver
NVM3NVM3 Non-Volatile Memory Management driver
NVM3HalNVM3 hal module
NVM3LockNVM3 lock module
RTCDRVReal-time Clock Driver
SLEEPSleep management driver
SPIDRVSPIDRV Serial Peripheral Interface Driver
TEMPDRVTEMPDRV Temperature Sensor Driver
UARTDRVUARTDRV Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Driver
USTIMERUSTIMER Microsecond Delay Timer Driver
EMLIBLow-level peripheral library
ACMPAnalog comparator (ACMP) Peripheral API
ADCAnalog to Digital Converter (ADC) Peripheral API
ASSERTError checking module
BUSBUS register and RAM bit/field read/write API
CANController Area Network API
CHIPChip errata workarounds initialization API
CMUClock management unit (CMU) Peripheral API
COMMONGeneral purpose utilities and cross-compiler support
CORECore interrupt handling API
CRYOTIMERUltra Low Energy Timer/Counter (CRYOTIMER) Peripheral API
CRYPTOCryptography accelerator peripheral API
CSENCapacitive Sense (CSEN) Peripheral API
DBGDebug (DBG) Peripheral API
EBIEBI External Bus Interface (EBI) Peripheral API
EMUEnergy Management Unit (EMU) Peripheral API
GPCRCGeneral Purpose Cyclic Redundancy Check (GPCRC) API
GPIOGeneral Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) API
I2CInter-integrated Circuit (I2C) Peripheral API
IDACCurrent Digital-to-Analog Converter (IDAC) Peripheral API
INTSafe nesting of interrupt disable/enable API
LCDLiquid Crystal Display (LCD) Peripheral API
LDMALinked Direct Memory Access (LDMA) Peripheral API
LESENSELow Energy Sensor (LESENSE) Peripheral API
LETIMERLow Energy Timer (LETIMER) Peripheral API
LEUARTLow Energy Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (LEUART) Peripheral API
MPUMemory Protection Unit (MPU) Peripheral API
MSCMemory System Controller API
OPAMPOperational Amplifier (OPAMP) peripheral API
PCNTPulse Counter (PCNT) Peripheral API
PRSPeripheral Reflex System (PRS) Peripheral API
QSPIQSPI Octal-SPI Controller API
RAMFUNCRAM code support
RMUReset Management Unit (RMU) Peripheral API
RTCReal Time Counter (RTC) Peripheral API
RTCCReal Time Counter (RTCC) Peripheral API
SMUSecurity Management Unit (SMU) Peripheral API
TIMERTimer/Counter (TIMER) Peripheral API
USARTUniversal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Peripheral API
VDACDigital to Analog Voltage Converter (VDAC) Peripheral API
WDOGWatchdog (WDOG) Peripheral API
Kit DriversKit support and drivers
DisplayDisplay device driver stack library. See Display Device Driver Stack for more information
TextdisplayLine based text output terminal interface on top of the DISPLAY device driver stack. See TextDisplay Library for more information
Platform MiddlewareSilicon Labs Gecko Platform Middleware for use with EFM32, EZR32 and EFR32 products
Capacitive Sensing Firmware LibraryCapacitive sensing firmware library for Silicon Labs MCUs
GLIBGraphics Library