otBorderRouterConfig Struct Reference

This structure represents a Border Router configuration.

#include <include/openthread/netdata.h>

Public Attributes

otIp6Prefix mPrefix
 The IPv6 prefix.
signed int mPreference: 2
 A 2-bit signed int preference (OT_ROUTE_PREFERENCE_* values).
bool mPreferred: 1
 Whether prefix is preferred.
bool mSlaac: 1
 Whether prefix can be used for address auto-configuration (SLAAC).
bool mDhcp: 1
 Whether border router is DHCPv6 Agent.
bool mConfigure: 1
 Whether DHCPv6 Agent supplying other config data.
bool mDefaultRoute: 1
 Whether border router is a default router for prefix.
bool mOnMesh: 1
 Whether this prefix is considered on-mesh.
bool mStable: 1
 Whether this configuration is considered Stable Network Data.
bool mNdDns: 1
 Whether this border router can supply DNS information via ND.
bool mDp: 1
 Whether prefix is a Thread Domain Prefix (added since Thread 1.2).
uint16_t mRloc16
 The border router's RLOC16 (value ignored on config add).

This structure represents a Border Router configuration.

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  • include/openthread/netdata.h