otTcpListener Struct Reference

This structure represents a TCP listener.

#include <include/openthread/tcp.h>

Public Attributes

struct otTcpListenermNext
 A pointer to the next TCP listener (internal use only)
 A pointer to the OpenThread instance associated with this TCP listener.
void * mContext
 A pointer to application-specific context.
otTcpAcceptReady mAcceptReadyCallback
 "Accept ready" callback function
otTcpAcceptDone mAcceptDoneCallback
 "Accept done" callback function

This structure represents a TCP listener.

A TCP listener is used to listen for and accept incoming TCP connections.

The application should not inspect the fields of this structure directly; it should only interact with it via the TCP API functions whose signatures are provided in this file.

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  • include/openthread/tcp.h