otDnsQueryConfig Struct Reference

This structure represents a DNS query configuration.

#include <include/openthread/dns_client.h>

Public Attributes

otSockAddr mServerSockAddr
 Server address (IPv6 address/port). All zero or zero port for unspecified.
uint32_t mResponseTimeout
 Wait time (in msec) to rx response. Zero indicates unspecified value.
uint8_t mMaxTxAttempts
 Maximum tx attempts before reporting failure. Zero for unspecified value.
otDnsRecursionFlag mRecursionFlag
 Indicates whether the server can resolve the query recursively or not.
otDnsNat64Mode mNat64Mode
 Allow/Disallow NAT64 address translation during address resolution.

This structure represents a DNS query configuration.

Any of the fields in this structure can be set to zero to indicate that it is not specified. How the unspecified fields are treated is determined by the function which uses the instance of otDnsQueryConfig.

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  • include/openthread/dns_client.h