otCacheEntryInfo Struct Reference

This structure represents an EID cache entry.

#include <include/openthread/thread_ftd.h>

Public Attributes

otIp6Address mTarget
 Target EID.
otShortAddress mRloc16
otCacheEntryState mState
 Entry state.
bool mCanEvict: 1
 Indicates whether the entry can be evicted.
bool mValidLastTrans: 1
 Indicates whether last transaction time and ML-EID are valid.
uint32_t mLastTransTime
 Last transaction time (applicable in cached state).
otIp6Address mMeshLocalEid
 Mesh Local EID (applicable if entry in cached state).
uint16_t mTimeout
 Timeout in seconds (applicable if in snooped/query/retry-query states).
uint16_t mRetryDelay
 Retry delay in seconds (applicable if in query-retry state).

This structure represents an EID cache entry.

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  • include/openthread/thread_ftd.h